New Blockbuster Client – Anglo American’s Mineração Catalão

Tamson Oosthuizen Blockbuster, Clients

Bloy would like to welcome another addition to the growing Blockbuster Suite client base. Mineração Catalão adopted the Blockbuster software in December 2011, and since then Bloy has been working to provide their production team with good Grade Control procedures and implement Blockbuster on site.

Name:                                       Boa Vista mine

Company:                              Anglo American

Commodity:                         Niobium

Description:                        Boa Vista is a niobium mine in the Goias state of Brazil and has been in operation

Reserves:                               Boa Vista produces an average of approximately 4,000t of niobium per year and as atDecember 2013 is estimated to contain 14,000t of niobium reserves.

Mining Method:               Boa Vista is an open pit mine and currently utilises conventional truck and shovel method. However, as their Fresh Rock project goes ahead, mining methods will be adapted to deal with the change in material.